People at Vision Semicon Co., Ltd. will grow the company
to a respected business by human beings by serving human race through
complying with the philosophy of management declared below
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Since established in 1997, Vision Semicon Co., Ltd., has devoted in
a single fieldof development and sales of semiconductor equipments. The company has been recognized of excellent capabilities of the products nationally
and abroad by developing numbers of systems applied to semiconductor fabrication processes
including plasma cleaner, common oven, pressurized oven, unmanned automated oven, clean oven,
vacuum oven and factory automation systems. The company commits its best endeavorsinto
development of technologiesfor the purpose of providing customers with
the best values and services. Vision Semicon will be a system company armed with
technologies and differentiated quality well competitive in the world markets. We at Vision Semicon do our best to make customers pleasant and happy
by providing them with products and services filled with the confidence of us for the future.
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